From September 1, 2021 to September 12, 2021

Gallery 7, Cromwell Place London, England

Kimiko Yoshida, The Torero Bride With a Black Suit of Lights, Remembering Picasso, Self-Portrait, 2006, Murano blown glass, life size print, Chromonogenic print mounted on Aluminium and Diasec

A collective exhibition with Simone Fattal, Elger Esser, Herbert Hamak, Flavie Audi, Kimiko Yoshida, Kamran Diba, Ghassan Zard and Mojé Assefjah

“The world is blue at its edges and in its depths,” Rebecca Solnit.

Many have contemplated the universe of blues, from Goethe to Virginia Wolf, from Wassily Kandisky to Georgia O’keefe, artists, poets, writers, philosophers, all explored blue’s tentacled reach into universal questions of desire and yearning, excitement and repose, sympathy and obsession, melancholy and solitude.
SOMETHING BLUE presents a palette of blues spread across Gallery 7 at Cromwell Place. From the delicate “Blau Pyramide” by Herbert Hamak to the boldly iconic “Torero Bride” by Kimiko Yoshida through the brooding “Beaugency II” by Elger Esser, hues of blue come alive in this vibrant selection of paintings, sculptures, and photographs by 8 artists from across the globe.

What emerges is a celebration of the most rare in nature and symphonic of the colors, a hue that transcends to an experience, an incantation, an incarnation of the most whimsical and exceptional heights of the imagination

A Collective Exhibition
Gallery 7, Cromwell Place
London, England
September 1, 2021 to September 12, 2021