From September 8, 2023 to October 14, 2023

Reisingerstraße 6 Rgb, 80337 München, Germany

Spring Would Come, 2023, Eggtempera on Canvas, 170 cm x 220 cm

With generous and deliberate brushstrokes, Mojé Assefjah’s gestures create curved, flowing forms that occupy the pictorial space like draped robes, hinting at their borrowing from historical painting traditions. Broad bands of colour are written into the canvas, embodying free flowing movements. Assefjah’s choice to employ the egg tempera technique aligns harmoniously with her deep exploration of art history. The expressive colours evoke a tactile quality, inviting the viewer to engage with the material. The artist constructs three-dimensional paintings through layering, alternating between transparency and opacity, proximity and distance, movement and stillness, Lightness and darkness, and texture.

Mojé Assefjah creates imaginative worlds between figure, landscape, and stage. One can associate them with floral or geometric forms reminiscent of patterns found in historical carpets or the draperies of the Baroque era. Her technical and theoretical interest in European and Italian Renaissance painting is also enriched by the mysticism of the pictorial and written traditions of ancient Persia.


Mojé Assefjah