From August 4, 2020 to September 25, 2020

Galerie Tanit, Mar Mikhael, Beirut, Lebanon

Abed Al Kadiri, Today, I Would Like to be a Tree

Two murals consisting of 80 cardboards are up for sale. All benefits will go to Bassma to help with the reconstruction of Beiruti homes.

Following the tragic explosion that hit Beirut on August 4, 2020, thousands of homes were damaged. Bassma has committed to expand its Home Renovation and Rehabilitation Program and contribute in the reparations and rehabilitation of as many homes affected by the blast as possible. The aim is to help underprivileged families and abandoned elderly in the affected area to be able to live again in their respective homes, with safe and healthy conditions.

The proceeds of Today, I Would Like to be a Tree will help with the reparation or replacement of front doors, windows and balcony glasses and frames, the rehabilitation of kitchens, households appliances, and toilets as well as the provision of beds and mattresses when needed. Therefore, we rely on your support. Upon the artist’s decision, you will be choosing a number from any of the murals without choosing the drawing itself. Al Kadiri has given a number to each drawing without following a particular order.

You can buy one or more drawings. The correspondent drawing(s) will be delivered to you after September 25, 2020.
Due to the current local economic crises, financial acrobatics had to be applied.
– If you’re paying from a foreign account or cash, suggested price for each drawing is 500 USD (Normally sold at the gallery for 3000 USD for this size).
– If you’re paying from a local account, suggested price is 1500 USD.
– In both cases, you can choose to pay a bigger amount and support even more Bassma’s cause.
– You can place your order and choose to pay in cash, by check, by a direct wire transfer or directly online through Areeba’s payment gateway. All options are available at checkout.
For more information, or to reserve a drawing, please contact 0096170910523.



Abed Al Kadiri