From May 22, 2024 to June 17, 2024

Galerie Tanit, Mar Mikhael, Beirut, Lebanon

Elie Philippe Schehade, Mare Nostrum, 2024, Acrylic on Canvas, 150 cm x 200 cm

De la Mer est venue l’Ocre

Qui brunit ces Corps

De l’Espace vient le Feu

Qui souffle sur le Vent

Pour mouvoir le bois des mâts

Et le Texte des Voiles

Et les vagues sensuelles

Pour le Plaisir des Nageurs


Noël Fattal

From the Sea comes the Ocre

That tans these Bodies

From Space comes Fire

That blows on the Wind

To move the Wooden Masts

And the Sail Texture

And the sensuous Waves

For the Swimmers Pleasure

Elie-Philippe Schehade has a very personal approach to representing forms, landscapes, and characters. He tries to forget, as much as possible, any academic form that was instilled in him during his youth. “Fortunately,” he says with a wide smile, “It took me a long time to forget all that and to spread my own wings!” For him, a successful painting must be appreciated “By someone else,” by an absent person, or even an “invisible” one.

His paintings are part of numerous collections in Europe, the Americas, as well as on the walls of many private or official enterprises, such as at the State of Qatar’s Palace of Guests, in Doha.


Biography by Henri-Jean Collerais
Translated to English


Elie-Philippe Schehade