From February 11, 2016 to March 31, 2016

Galerie Tanit, Mar Mikhael, Beirut, Lebanon

Serge Najjar’s pictures place the viewer within a world where reality and fantasy meet.

In a sort of backward movement, Najjar uses photography in the digital age while adhering to an approach that embraces the formal rigour better known from analog photography. Always on foot across the city, the photographer tracks down architecture, surfaces and “ordinary” shapes which when seen from unusual angles appear as surreal figures. One click and the concert of the outdoors is frozen into evidence.

Shadow and light, passerby, subject, worker; thus architecture and man stay on the edge of abstraction. This is where we find the formal language of the photographer. By appropriating the principles of capture of immediate reality, where direct photography is only possible thanks to the distance of the subject, and the photographer too.

Whether colour or black and white photographs, Najjar’s body of images forms a coherent sum that emerges instantly, without mediation, as a dance between flatness and depth. Careful, calm, without outcry, the photographer plays with elements that are readily available. Shadows become geometric sculptures; three dimensional shapes morph into planes. Perspectives tilt, the image is constructed, reality is cut, riffled through and rebuilt by the lines that surround us.


Serge Najjar