Sep 23, 2010Oct 30, 2010 · Galerie Tanit, Beyrouth

Luxury and degradation

Group Show

 Lamia Maria ABILLAMA | Shiva AHMADI | Sarah CHARLESWORTH | Niki DE SAINT PHALLE | Sylvie FLEURY | Frances GOODMAN | Jeff KOONS | Claude et Francois Xavier  LALANNE | Urs LUETHI | Marilyn MINTER | Takashi MURAKAMI | Nabil NAHAS | Xavier NOIRET THOME | Vincent OLINET


Since the notion of luxury has been faked outrageously, a new vision popped-out. Luxury is not a lifestyle anymore but a state of being, linked to pricy items. Exploring the prism of this topic under its various sides is worthwhile.    

 This concept which is obviously characterized by some subjectivity, triggered many artists to express their perception of luxury beyond aestheticism and piece of dream and pleasure that it arouses.


« Luxury and Degradation », is an exhibition inspired from a pop vision of art and proposes a range of cynical, funny,  caricaturized , obsessive, and even derisory ideas related to the stormy and ungrateful world of fashion and luxury labels that misleads to over consumption. 


14 artists has been picked up for their representation of « the top notch of luxury »  in our contemporary world where men cannot bear any longer the idea of putting limits to this over boarding phenomena.


From Jeff Koons to Urs Luthi and Sylvie Fleury or even Nabil Nahas, the works of the 14 artists exposed in the gallery translate these above notions, trough quite unusual and unexpected medias and material! 


A contemporary art exhibition which pushes the elitist concept of luxury to its climax. Relevant yet unusual, this “premiere” won’t keep you indifferent and will provide you definitely with “food for thought” …