Antonello Ghezzi

Artist Biography

Formed in Bologna in 2009, young duo Nadia Antonello and Paolo Ghezzi have appeared at prestigious exhibitions across Italy and abroad, including, Italian Institute of Culture of Athens, Usina del Arte in Buenos Aires, Petit Bain in Paris, the Moscow Biennale, the Sarajevo Winter Festival, the Biel Center in Beirut, the National Gallery of Bologna and recently at the Sound Design Festival of Hamamatsu in Japan.

ANTONELLO GHEZZI has distinguished itself in the crowded contemporary art world by disrupting our expectations of art and finding the extraordinary in the seemingly everyday. ‘Don’t forget the magic,’ the artists insist, rehabilitating the beauty of the simple over our fascination with the complex.

Their main purpose is to express messages of peace and to show that art can make life better. Their motto, found directly or indirectly in their works, is “Don’t forget the magic.”

They work with both scientists and businesses, bringing art to daily life through installations that combine technology, reality, and poetry.

Antonello Ghezzi is represented by Galerie Tanit Beirut.