Special Feature

Randa Mirza - Love and Revenge

LOVE AND REVENGE is a live music and video performance by the musician Wael Koudaih (Rayess Bek) and the video artist Randa Mirza (La Mirza).

It revisits old Arab popular songs and Egyptian movies from the Arab world golden era.

video editing: Felix Abert
video footages: Felix Albert

Conception : Rayess Bek (alias Wael Koudaih) et La Mirza
Composition musicale : Rayess Bek, Mehdi Haddab et Julien Perraudeau
Machines : Rayess Bek
Oud : Mehdi Haddab
Basse et claviers : Julien Perraudeau
Composition vidéo : Randa Mirza (La Mirza)
Ingénieur du son : Ludovic Joyeux