Oct 5, 2017Nov 17, 2017 · Galerie Tanit, Beyrouth

Shirin Ettehadieh


Thursday October 5, 2017 from 6pm to 9pm
The exhibition will be on view until Friday October 27, 2017 
Through colors of transcendental gamma on canvases with the size of a cloud, Shirin Ettehadieh brings us to the emotion of unexpected feelings. With an idea of abstract world and intention to open a mysterious secret of it, the artist presents an absolute truth - dependent on her and on the audience. 

Feminine but strong, her works of art reveal the realm of the eternal motion - a motion of life as if to be a wind in a field, the motion of a caravan migrating to another pole. The unexpected feelings present in any of motions, sorrow or melancholy, or welcoming any other feeling of human creation. 

The game between severe technics and tender, mammary colors drifts us to the sense of spiritual beginnings that exist in any creature, Shirin's paintings make the audience glorify the life, chant the beauty of Encounter. 

Victoria Latysheva
From Tehran to Beirut - 2016
Ettehadieh is a graduate of art and design from Paris Ecole Du Louvre (1982) and London South Bank Polytechnic University (1973). Her paintings are regularly exhibited since 1984. Her artworks have usually focused on her explicit expression of emotions linked to cultural and traditional roots of her homeland.

She founded the ‘Ketab-e-azad ’ bookshop in 1979 and has held numerous exhibitions including solos in Mehr (2011), Etemad (2010), Khak (2008), Artists Forum (2006) and Bag (2003) art galleries in Tehran and Pascal Vanhoecke Gallery (1996) in Paris, Encounter in Russia, Makhachkala (2016) and in Shirin Gallery in Tehran (2015). Her group exhibitions include ‘Another Look at the Exhibition’ (2012), First Annual Painting and Sculpture Exhibition (2012) and Painting Exhibition of Iranian Women Artists (2006). She founded as well Gallery Azad in 2014 in Tehran.