Dec 13, 2011Jan 28, 2012 · Galerie Tanit, Beyrouth

Michele Kamel Assaf


Entitled Interdépendances the artwork examines the Nahnou (We) and the Antoum
(You) dilemma, the reciprocate approach with the Other, the perpetual dependency
and the questioning of the unavoidable coexistence, finding a symbolic and
three-dimensional expression in the sculptural pottery pieces.
“ In my last exhibition in 2008, I had several angular pieces that were an introduction to the work I presented today. By angular I mean construction blocks.
I stayed more or less attached to the eggplant, a symbol of unity in diversity.
Obviously the “Arab Spring” inspired m e (testimon y, questioning) .
There is always th e letter “WAW ” in my work presen t as a link. .
This is w hy the buildin g bl ock h as two g rooves on the side to fit into the next block. “
“ Most of my pieces are fired to stoneware temperature, a high temperature of 1280° C.
Some of them are fired at medium temperature so as to suggest the color of bricks (building
I always use the Lebanese clay, with this time more slip glaze than glazes.”