Feb 11, 2009Feb 28, 2009 · Galerie Tanit, Beyrouth

Gilbert Hage

...And last but not least, pillows

Le sentier des douaniers, realized in 1997 is a reference to his favorite photographers; it emphasizes on materials and texture by replacing the granite’s pink color with black and white.
A few years later, the Beauduc project reiterates the concept of geography/territory. In fact, he uses real colors and a neutral landscape to express the « Deadpan » aesthetics: series, repetition and frontality.
A few months after the shooting, Beauduc was deserted because of a governmental decision.
After Homeland (destruction by war 2006 of Beirut, exhibited at CCF), he shoots the Beirut series describing the reconstruction of the city.
Strings, is a sociological analysis of a certain society which disregards the values of the older generation, putting new aesthetics into fashion.
Phone[ethics] - with the use of mobile phone- shows us how new technologies can induce a voyeuristic comportment.
The Pillows series, allows the spectator to imagine a story about the object itself: “my project wishes to deliver to the spectator an object that remains trivial but that poses the question of consumption’s imaginary” (Gilbert Hage).