Jun 7, 2017Aug 5, 2017 · Galerie Tanit, Beyrouth

From Sound to Silence

Group Show

“Sound unbound by nature becomes bounded by art.” 
Dejan Stojanovic , Dancing of Sounds 

A journey From Sound to Silence is what Galerie Tanit aims to convey as it presents the works of fourteen international artists stimulating our interpretation of sound through drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures, silent installations and video installations. 

Participating Artists:
Adel Abidin
Chant Avedissian
Cynthia Zaven
Fouad el Khoury
Haig Aivazian
Lamia Ziadé
Mohssin Haraki
Randa Mirza 
Roy Samaha and Omar Fakhoury
Shirin Abu Shaqra
Ziad Antar 

Featured Works:
Hanne Darboven 
Lothar Baumgarten

Audio Visual Installation:
Issam Hashem

Opening: Wednesday June 7, 2017 from 6pm till 9pm
The exhibition will be on view until July 12, 2017.