Jan 29, 2015Mar 7, 2015 · Galerie Tanit, Munich

Fouad Elkoury

The Lost Empire

Abandoned Soviet military bases – Topography of war

 "Whenever I’m told there is nothing to photograph, my only desire is to visit these places. Abandoned Soviet military bases appeared to me by accident in 2009 and I immediately decided this was going to become my next project. Between 2010 and 2011, I visited dozens of bases, in Poland, Hungary, Estonia and East Germany. Most were aviation fields, others served for other purposes. All were abandoned, invaded by nature, quiet places offered to me on a tray. In the midst of utter silence, except for the sound of my feet, I was like an animal looking for signs and traces. And all I had to deal with was light, without which, nothing could be seen. In a way, it’s like photographing places which have been turned into other uses." 

Fouad Elkoury, November 2011