Apr 28, 2022Jun 25, 2022 · Galerie Tanit, Beyrouth

État de Siège

Group Show

Curatorial Statement

État de Siège goes back on the evolution of seating from the 1960’s until today through the eyes of 20 Lebanese designers

200Grs. Rana Haddad and Pascal Hachem | Anastasia Nysten | Bernard Khoury | Bokja | Carla Baz | Carlo Massoud | david/nicolas | Exil Collective | Georges Mohasseb for Studio Manda | Jean Louis et Mado Mellerio | Joe Naaman | Karen Chekerdjian | Khalil Khouri | Marc Baroud | Mary-Lynn & Carlo | Maurice Bonfils | Sami El Khazen | Studio Nada Debs | Thomas Trad  | 1millimetre | Sara Jaafar

Throughout history, designers and architects have reflected around the idea of seating and the many shapes and purposes it can bear. After all, whether Egyptian, gothic or contemporary, they are all the same; they are all an invitation to have a seat, a conversation, they are all small sculptures. And in a way, this makes them all comparable.

Each one of them tells you something about the person who created it, the era it was created in, and the society that shaped it.
Like an immersion in the history of modern architecture, it's like looking at buildings from a very close point of view.

The opening will be preceded by a round table discussion moderated by
Anne France Berthelon 
and Marco Constantini 

starting at 5:00 PM
with Bernard Khoury, Carla Baz, Carlo Massoud, Exil Collective, and Karen Chekerdjian