Sep 26, 2013Oct 30, 2013 · Galerie Tanit, Beyrouth

David Kramer

Malibu on the Mediterranean

David Kramer dreams of a life that he should have been living. Teased by his own memories, Kramer makes work that is directly influenced by 1970’s advertisements and life-style magazines that he grew up looking at in his own suburban America, childhood home. While the imagery is unmistakably recognizable, the text is all Kramer’s own brand of self-aware humor as he confesses his own wanderlust search for the elusive adult life that was promised in these pages; An adult life that somehow never appeared as reality in his real-life life that he lives out today. The quotes on his canvases and drawings speak to the question that he keeps asking. The question of IF these things that he has spent his life chasing after, ever actually did exist in reality, despite the art designed photographs that serve as evidence of a time that has already passed us all by. And as if to hammer home the point, Kramer provides as a setting for these works an outsized model of a Modernist Suburban Living Room with a bar and stone fireplace build out of contemporary cheap and repurposed building materials. The setting and style give the allure and desired effect of a well moneyed stage set that act as a veneer for the troubling realities of a future that does not live up to his, and perhaps all of our, elusive American Dreams.