Apr 7, 2016May 21, 2016 · Galerie Tanit, Beyrouth

Charles Sandison

Good and Evil, Yes and No, Wrong and Right

Born in 1969 in UK, Scotland
Lives and work in Tampere, Finland

Internationally renowned for his animated digital projections, Charles Sandison realizes site-specific installations “transporting the spectator into a fascinating world of labyrinthine complications of language”.

Sandison creates installations, immersing the viewer in a changing universe of words, signs and characters generated by a computer. His work deals primarily with the relationship between text and image, man and machine. With an extremely precise mathematical approach, he designed a complex computer program that generates words and determines their appearance, their movement, their collision and their disappearance. Words, phrases or texts are selected upon the location, the context and the language of the country in which his work is presented.
Charles Sandison uses the word as a link between the viewer and his work and between his work and the space it invests.