Apr 13, 2022Jun 2, 2022 · Galerie Tanit, Munich

Anas Albraehe

Die Träumer

I, captivated by loneliness
Still wake up at night to listen to Umm Kulthum before returning to bed
Clinging to colorful pillows and books around me
My bed a microcosm of dreams
In it I saddle horses and ride the strongest
Jogging behind clouds, I touch the many faces formed within Messing up with shapes as I like
Rejoicing a slight light that strikes me like a shooting star
I yawn abundantly
Must sleep
For sleep is the only surrender I trust it myself
Bestow to it all the memories and dreams, share with it all the footages and songs.
Every single detail, I grant decidedly
I am the commander of my time haunted by its swiftness Ahead of me even when leaping into the wilderness
Might have slept because the city is grieving
Or because they are loaded with love
They slept in the wilderness where the tender tranquility
They slept on roof tops, in the streets
They slept somewhere, a place with no name
No frontiers
Surrounded by all these colorful tunes
They swam in the vast dreams; for earth is narrow in its limits.
I floated in this world of dream.
They accompanied me in my dreamy journey.
The journey of a color formed in the light of existence, became an oil painting.
What you see in front of you is my dreamy soul, forming on the cloth,
a moment of wild serenity of a human being without identity or affiliation
Belonging only to earth from east to west!

- Anas

Translated to English by Nada Dallal Doughan, 11-3-2022