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Jan 19, 2017Feb 8, 2017 · D BEIRUT Bldg., Shell Road, Seaside Road, Burj Hammoud

Photomed 2017

Dans le cadre de Photomed 
La Galerie Tanit et the Alternative ont le plaisir de présenter
Gilbert Hage
I Hated You Already Because Of The Lies I Had Told You 
Michel Zoghzoghi
Le Silence
Vernissage: Jeudi 19 Janvier - 6:00 PM

Founded in Sanary on the Var coast of France, Photomed has endeavored to embrace its coastal roots by inviting artists from Mediterranean countries to participate in its yearly event. For the past six years, Photomed Festival has been showcasing and highlighting Mediterranean beauty. From documentary testimonials to pure artistic expression, photography is a way to register and comprehend the world from several points of view. Beyond political, social, and religious upheavals, the Mediterranean is, above all, a region full of life and movement: it is similar to Photomed Festival which every year brings together young talents and well known artists and photographers.

In 2014, a Lebanese edition of Photomed was created by Serge Akl, Philippe Heullant, and Tony el Hage. Four years later, Photomed is now a key event for photography in Beirut and the Middle East. Our 2017 festival is curated by Guillaume de Sardes and focuses on four themes: cinema (featuring Danielle Arbid, Richard Dumas, Alain Fleischer, Sergio Strizzi); the poetry of ruins (featuring Ferran Freixa, Wassim Ghozlani, Nicole Herzog-Verrey); the city of Beirut (featuring George Awde, Giulio Rimondi, Lara Tabet, Bilal Tarabey), and the 1970s (Marc Riboud, Christine Alaoui). This year’s festival is also the moment to discover the work of Nick Hannes.