Bongchull Shin

Bongchull Shin, born in Suwon, South-Korea, in 1981, studied at Kookmin University, Seoul (B.A.) and at the Korean National University of Arts in Seoul (M.A.) before moving to Munich. He joined the class of Prof. Prangenberg/Karstieß at the Akademie der bildenden Künste in Munich, finishing with his diploma in 2017.

“In my series cubes and stripes my desire is to unify glass and light. Depending on the way the light falls and the position of the observer, the shapes and colors of reflections change and intertwine with the textures of the wall behind.” - Bongchull Shin 

Glass, bright colors and either natural or artificial light and its resulting shadows and reflections are key elements of Bongchull Shins works. Depending on the perspective of the beholder, his cubes and stripes works can be intensely colorful or completely transparent. The variable components between the glass layers define this, depending on the character of each work.  He creates complex compositions, technically brilliant and beautiful. Alike the minimalists, he wants color to have a reduced, pure and three-dimensional expression, interacting with light and space around it.

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