Abdulrahman Katanani

born 1983 in Sabra, Beirut, Lebanon
lives and works in Beirut, Lebanon

Abdulrahman Katanani is a young artist whose work is noted for its intensity in portraying a vivid recollection of stories amassed throughout the years that initially depict the tragedy and hardships endured at the camp. Through his work, he is delivering the campʼs message of resistance and endurance using tools from the camp that resonate happiness, apathy, empathy, tears and joy. His creativity is exemplified in his artworks representing a deeply felt compassion, dramatic and lively, devoid of any rigidity.


2009« prize of young artists », at Salon d’Automne organized by Sursock Museum, Beirut. 
2008Special Mention of the jury, at Salon d’Automne organized by Sursock Museum, Beirut.



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