Aram Jughian




Born in 1959, Lebanese-Armenian artist and poet Aram Jughian is entirely self-taught. His colourful, abstract mixed-media works betray an instinctive grasp of form, movement and emotion, ensnaring viewers in a world of light and gesture. His work, in the words of his son, “is impregnated with lyrical meanders recalling the variations of Bach, the melodies of Ravel and Debussy; each stroke of the brush hums the lamentations of the famous bluesmen. Each minute detail exudes the tragic power of rock and its folly of freedom.”

Conceived as visual music, his abstract works link up with his love of poetry, becoming a form of lyrical expression. Working spontaneously and instinctively, Jughian often incorporates newspapers, magazines and the flotsam and jetsam of daily life — cinema tickets, food packaging — into layered mixed-media works that transform news into narrative and fact into fiction. Having exhibited regularly since 1975, Jughian is an autodidact with decades of experience under his belt. Working fast, and sometimes even incorporating the results of controlled accidents into his pieces, he creates work that is at once organic and unstudied yet rooted in total mastery of his medium.