Sigrid Glöerfelt

Sigrid Glöerfelt grew up between Sweden, Morocco, Spain and France;
She started painting at a very young age, studied in Florence and London and pursued her interests in cinema and psychology at the New York University, New York. 
The Galerie Stadler in Paris, who brought us Antoni Tapies, Millares, Gina Paneʼs first performances amongst many others; initially discovered Sigrid Glöerfelt in 1990, where she also exhibited in 1992, 1995 and 1999. Through her numerous travels around the world, Glöerfelt lived in South Africa, India, Switzerland, Barcelona and Rome where her painting evolved and matured and where she exhibited in galleries and museums.

Born in Geneva in 1964
Education: New York University (NYU), BA in cinema and psychology

Selected Solo Shows
- 2009 “Somewhere Elsewhere”, The Running Horse Gallery, Beirut
- 2007 Ambajada del turismo, Valencia, Spain
- 2007 “Les murmures du vent”, Jardins du Senat, Paris
- 2003 Ludwig Museum, Koblenz, Germany
- 2003 Un cuscino per sognare, Milan and Munich
- 2003 United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland
- 2001 Ligne Art Sud, Montolieu, France
- 2001 Galerie Tiphaine Bastille, Paris
- 1999/1997 Art et voyages, Crans-sur-sierre, Switzerland
- 1999/1997 Le Temple, Caussade, France
- 1998 Galerie Tiphaine Bastille, Paris
- 1997 Espace Croix Baragnon, Toulouse
- 1995/1992/1990 Galerie Stadler, Paris
- 1995/1989 Theatre Centre Culturel, Montauban, France
- 1994 Museo Del Folklore, Roma
- 1992 Forum dʼArt Contemporain, Sierre, Switzerland
- 1991 Musee dʼArt Contemporain, Labege
- 1990 Teatro Coliseo, Roma
- 1989 Sollertis Gallery, Toulouse, France
- 1988 Pretoria Art Gallery, Pretoria, South africa
- 1988 Windybrow Theater, Johannesburg
- 1988 Cape Town Art Gallery, Cape Town
- 1988 Sagacho Space, Tokyo, Japan
- 1987 Marietta Gual, Mallorca, Spain

Selected Group Shows

- 2018  Art Paris Art Fair – Tanit Gallery
- 2014  Gandy Gallery, Bratislava
- 2013  Contemporary Art Center – La Fontaine, Manama – Bahrain
- 2013 Vous Avez Dit ABSTRAIT – Tanit Gallery, Beirut
- 2013 Contemporary Art Center – La Fontaine, Manama – Bahrain
- 2013 Vous Avez Dit ABSTRAIT – Tanit Gallery, Beirut
- 2010 Bastakiya Art Fair, Dubai
- 1998 to 2004 Galerie Tiphaine-Bastille
- 1990 to 1999 Galerie Stadler, Paris
- 1990 Armory Show, New York
- 1990 Art Jonction, Nice
- 1982 Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Barcelone, Rome

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