Chafa Ghaddar



Artist Bio

Born in 1986 in Lebanon. The artist is  currently based between Beirut and Dubai. Chafa Ghaddar earned her Bachelor degree in Fine Arts in 2007, and her Masters degree in Visual Art in 2009 from the university of ALBA, Beirut (Académie Libanaise de Beaux Arts).  In 2012, she attended an intensive course in Fresco and traditional painting technique in Florence, Italy. Painting, mainly murals, occupies a major part of her professional and artistic practice. She has since been developing a freelance career in wall painting and surface finishing, in which she tries to merge the practice of decorative painting with contemporary art. In her artistic projects, she attempts to merge natural painting techniques in contemporary practices such as exploring Fresco with media such as photography and as site-specific installations.

 She has participated in several collective exhibitions such as: “Exposure 2012" at the Beirut Art Center, "On Fleeting Grounds" at Galerie Janine Rubeiz in January 2013, "Journeys through our Heritage" at Beirut Exhibition Center in July 2013, and “Nostalgic Imagery” at Galerie Janine Rubeiz in September 2014.