Ricardo Brey

born Born in Havana, Cuba in 1955
lives and works in Ghent, Belgium since 1990

 “What fascinates me, is the origin of the human race, our culture and society. From the relationship between different life forms and between the communities of earlier and today, we can deduce the state of the present world. We can learn from our evolutionary past and thus consider our current condition critically. From a global approach man can emphasize the underlying connection between everything around us.”

Ricardo Brey, 2002 

Ricardo Brey’s participation in Documenta IX in 1992, curated by Jan Hoet, brought an early but important period of international attention to his work and marked a turning point in his life. He moved to Belgium and since then has been living and working there with his family. His work has been shown in numerous international institutions. Brey received in 1997 a Guggenheim Fellowship for Installation Art and Sculpture. In 1998, he received a prize from the Flemish Ministry of Culture. Since 2002 he has developed important installation projects namely “Universe”, “Annex” and “Fuel to the fire", which was shown at the MUHKA in Antwerp in 2015. His solo exhibition “The Futility of Good Intentions” was shown at the National Fine arts Museum in Havanna in 2014.

more info: http://www.ricardobrey.com


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