Sonja Braas




Sonja Braas’ work (*1968 in Siegen) is fascinating and secretive at the same time. Majestic to dramatic perspectives on nature or irritatingly detailed structures are frequent topics in her work. But they somehow seem strange and artificial. This impression is part of her concept, as the photographs are taken from models, that she previously constructed with extraordinary precision in her studio. Enigmatic, sometimes uncanny scenes are frozen in time. From the very beginning of her career, she addresses the idea of a certain media-influenced image of nature and the complex world around the individual. 

She lives and works in Germany and New York and her works are part of international Collections like Albright Knox Gallery, Buffalo, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Fotomuseum Winterthur, Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg, Museum Küppersmühle, Duisburg, Sammlung Deutsche Bank, Munich RE and EON AG. 


Sonja Braas . The Other Day M I . 2019 . Edition 1 of 5 + 2AP, Pigment Print, Framed . 55.1 x 41.3 IN 



2016     "A Survey" Galerie Tanit

2013    Foto Kunst Stadtforum, Innsbruck, Austria

            Gallery Fabian & Claude Walter, Zurich, Switzerland 

2012   Gallery T anit, Munich, Germany

2011    TH 13, Bern, Switzerland

2010   Kunsthalle Göppingen, Germany

2009   Gallery Fabian & Claude Walter, Zurich, Switzerland 

2007    fiedler contemporary, Cologne, Germany 

              Gallery Fabian & Claude Walter, Zurich, Switzerland 

2006    Gallery Tanit, Munich, Germany 

              Galerie Beckers, Frankfurt, Germany 

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