Michael Biberstein




Born in 1948 in Solothurn, Switzerland.
Passed Away on March 2013.

"[...] the landscapes are not only pictures of landscape, they are also landscapes of the field of possibilities of the medium of painting. [...] when the black monochrome is placed next to the painted landscape, it becomes a question of perspective, a perceptual perspective. On the one hand you have the illusory, fake depth - the painted landscape - and on the other hand you have the black surface, which doesn't want to fake anything , but appears to recede much more than the former [...]"

Michael Biberstein quoted from On the Apotheosis of the Human Spirit through the Seeing Of Landscape, interview with Jiri Svestka, Tríptico, cat. Europalia '91 Portugal, Brussels 1991.

The numerous thin and impalpable layers in Biberstein’s paintings create a movement of colours, similar to a chromatic breath. This universal, perpetually moving, perpetually changing landscape resembles vibrations in space and resonances in silence. The imperceptible movements created by the veils of colours transform the canvas into a visual field which extends throughout the depth of the painted image. Biberstein’s work is part of the following institutional collections: Birmingham Museum of Art, UK, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Centre for Contemporary Art, Lisbon, Portugal, CNAP – Centre National des arts plastiques, Ministère de la Culture, Paris, France, Hess Art Collection, California, USA, Kunstmuseum Aarau, Aarau, Switzerland, Kunstmuseum Solothurn, Solothurn, Switzerland, Ludwig Forum für Neue Kunst, Aachen, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, Spain, UniCredit Group Collection, Munich, Germany, Whitney Museum of American Art, NY, USA, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia, Helmhaus, Zurich, Switzerland.