Nadim Asfar

Nadim Asfar is a French-Lebanese photographer and filmmaker.
Born in Beirut in 1976, he lives and works in Paris and Beirut.

His artistic approach is deeply influenced by the many questions raised by the language and technique of photography.

Having trained in still and moving imagery at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Beirut and the École Nationale Louis Lumière in Paris, today Nadim Asfar creates works that explore place and time: where the intimacy of enclosed spaces and the intimacy of the outside world come together, a multi-layered universe. He reveals, simultaneously, layers both visual and acoustic, poetic, aesthetic, philosophical, anthropological, and geographical.

His images whisper to us. Calm, they play with crossings between form and medium — still, analogue, moving, digital. This flexibility allows for a freedom in technical form: in a   digital world the artist can draw on the expressive potential of video to extend the possibilities of a still image. Here we find the principal axis of his approach, in this intersection between two different mediums of expression, two images, multiple images…

The arrangement of the images like an invisible thread, our attention as we consider them, are one after the other questioned, interrogated. The artist’s intuitive choice of viewpoints creates meeting places, possible links between realities. His photographic series becomes a personal journal, an intuitive mix of images that captures something between stasis, flux and slowing down.  Where the silence, in its own way, allows us to imagine those spaces of expression and recording wherein moved the triad: operator, apparatus, and photographic subject. 

Nadim Asfar and his titles, systems, languages: Trouble, Présence, Empreinte, Constellations, Innenleben (vie intérieure), My bed, Everyday Madonna, Expérience de la Montagne, Eaux Territoriales… These titles, their roots and their implications, should be read as mental and topographical postcards that in one smooth movement both project outwards and enclose in a frame. The frame of the window, the camera, the screen. And, alongside this, the latent anguish, pinched, silent and heavy, of the possible loss of something inside and out.

An empirical photographer and filmmaker with an atypical background, Nadim Asfar was influenced by his time at the École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris (2011-2014) where he studied art and language. There, he honed his taste for research and for mixing up different disciplines. His work has been shown at many international institutions and events, including Paris Photo, the New Museum in New York, the Kunst-Werk Institute in Berlin and the International Documentary Festival in Marseille.

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