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born 1964, Tokyo
lives and works in Taipei/Taiwan and Paris

The Tanit Gallery shows the first solo exhibiton by Michael Lin in Germany. Michael Lin is internationally known for his painted walls and floors that reproduce on a large scale traditional floral motifs inspired by Taiwanese textiles. Lin's installations are environmental and designed for the architecture of the exhibition place. Often displayed in public places, such as the Teipei office, the Hong Kong reception hall, the "Atrium" of Den Haag's city hall or the bar of Palais du Tokyo, his paintings connect people, become places for social events.

Lin's conception for the exhibition at Tanit Gallery intends to realize the office-tables designed by German architect Egon Eiermann in different variations, by taking up the architects proposal of three different installation-possibilities. As he already did with Corbusier's armchairs ("Untitled Cigarette Break",1999), Lin breaks once again the timeless design of a classic by adding his personal stamp. He chooses a discreet white flower-pattern for the table-top. These hidden patterns are corresponding with the "doorsize" Camouflage-paintings, which he interprets as views to a non-existing landscapes. A large scale Chinoiserie-painting represents the european vision of the asian world, as we can see on numerous textiles of the 18th century.