Giulio Rimondi

Giulio Rimondi was born in Italy in 1984.

He pursued classics studies, receiving a Bachelor in Literature and History of Art. From the very start he combined art photography with socially committed reporting, focusing in particular on the human dimension of the subject.

Since his early works he focused on the Mediterranean identity. His images are part of the Maison Europénne de la Photographie collection in Paris, of the Library of Congress collection in Washington DC, of the Historical Archive of the Venice Biennial, of the CRMo Collection of Italian Contemporary Photography as well as many private collections worldwide. He has had solo and collective shows of his work in Europe and abroad, in art galleries as well as museums, photo festivals and art fairs.  

As photojournalist he has contributed to international publications like TIME, The New York Times-Lens, CNN, Le Monde, National Geographic, Internazionale, Leica Fotografie International, among others. He’s been awarded of the Lead Award for still life photography, of the Iceberg Award for documentary, of the Special Award for contemporary photography, of the San Fedele Award for contemporary art.

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