Urs Lüthi

Born 1947 in Luzern, Switzerland
Lives and works in Munich, Germany

"The language of art has long  been invented. I think that what matters now is that we coin our own phrases and create our own stories out of it.[...]"

One man shows:
Galerie Tanit at ART COLOGNE –Opening 15 Apr 2015, Köln
The Corridor Reykjavik –Opening21 May 2015, Reykjavik / Island

Group shows:
until 17 May 2015
Tout ce qui fait sous le soleil/ le lieu unique, Nantes

until 06 Sep 2015
Le Paradiset l`Enfer. Des tapis volants aux drones/Villa Empain-Boghossian Foundation, Bruxelles

until 26 Apr 2015
Biens publics/ Musée Rath, Genève

until 03 May 2015
Rideaux/ Blinds–IAC / Institut d`art contemporain Villeurbanne, Villeurbanne

until22 Nov 2015
Von Angesicht zu Angesicht / Kunstmuseum Luzern, Luzern

Urs Lüthi quoted from Between Utopia and Avant-Garde by Anne Maier in the catalogue Urs Lüthi, Run for your Life (Placebos and Surrogates), Lenbachhaus München and Swiss Institute New York 2000, p. 258.


more info: http://www.ursluethi.com 


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