Christian Carle Catafago

Born in 1968, Christian Carle Catafago

has specialized in urban & extreme landscape photography, strongly influenced in this by his Architecture teacher,  the philosopher Paul Virilio.

Christian has exhibited his Works on divided cities, the traces of war, the landscapes of South America, urban patterns and other related subjects in France, Lebanon, Germany, Argentina & Uruguay through 12 solo exhibitions and more than 15 group exhibitions since 1996. His Works and books are in the MEP (2006) and CCA (2007) collections.

For his work, Christian has been awarded grants by numerous institutions amongst them the European Union (2004), The UNDP (2005) and Fujifilm (2003); this has allowed him so far to complete four books, “Independence’05” (2005),  “Mes ententes” (2005), “Je me souviens” (2004) & “Historical Trees of Lebanon” (2004).

As a photography specialist, Christian CarleCatafago has been consulted by DarAlNahar, The Ministry of Culture and various NGO’s.

Having studied Architecture (DESA 1996), Business (MBA-ESCP 2002), Finance (MSF-ESCP 2004)& Clinical Management (MCCC-INSEAD 2013), Christian CarleCatafago is a Clinical Coach and Management Consultant who has elsewhise directed four documentaries/shorts and has recently completed three Plastic Arts projects.

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